Why conferences are worthy attending?

Conferences are group gathering which are very useful for sharing and exchange of ideas and knowledge.
A great innovation requires a great platform. Many people does not have any platform for sharing of their knowledge due to some of their constrains. Knowledge should be accessible to every one and is not an private thing to keep it personal. Conferences aims to provide an stage to share their research and their hard work. The days they had spent in labs, the time they missed their family in search of an great innovation to become popular, to serve humans should be appreciated on an platform. Sharing of our knowledge to others gives an utmost satisfaction which is worthy. Half an hour presentation at conference gives an global identification and promotes respect towards the researcher and their hard work which gives the researcher the satisfaction which he does not get even by getting millions. Appreciation, reputation, identification is possible only through the conferences.

Conferences have an great atmosphere which will be scheduled to meet and greet people. A worthy conference is equal to complete reading worthy book which has different shades and transformations. Have an great conference